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When life gives you lemon, make Citrons confits!

My poor non-French people,

Please, stop thinking that time is never on your side… Yes, aging can make you better! At least when you’re a lemon.
C’est déjà ça! (At least that’s something!)

Let me share with you how to make one of the ingredient I use the most in my everyday cooking.
Citrons confits are not a franco-french speciality in themselves, as they are mostly used in North African cuisine, but they’re also part of many mediterranean recipes, and are great to use.

IMG_3273 (1)

I actually started to use some more often when I read a book the great chef Joel Robuchon wrote about dieting. It’s not a diet book in itself, more a take on how to slim down by trying to eat (and cook) differently. That’s the kind of philosophy I’m interested in, as I really think (and have expererienced) that the whole “diet and starve and stay skinny and happy everafter” thing is a big scam.

So anyhow, citrons confits are a great way to add flavour and acidity to a dish. It mostly comes from the mediterreanean area, and the former north african colonies. My boyfriend’s family is pied noir, and love to cook with it. I explain it in the tagine recipe, and actually citrons confits are the best in a tagine.

The great thing about living in California is that you can almost make this recipe at home for free! Pick some lemons, find some salt, and you’re done!
I really recommend to use organic lemons: it’s always best tasting anyhow, and you want these pesticides away from your plate. Non merci

Les citrons confits

IMG_3289 (1)

1 jar
6 lemons (or as many you think you can squeeze in the jar)
Kosher salt (or even better, gros sel)
Water (this strange transparent liquid that comes out a tap when you live in the lucky part of the world)

  • Wash the lemons.
  • Press the juice of one of them.
  • Slice gently the side of each other lemons,

IMG_3279 (1)

  • Create a small crack in which you are going to stuff salt. I would say 1 tablespoon salt for 1 lemon.

IMG_3287 (1)

  • Put the lemons in the jar, add the lemon juice, and then cover with water.

That’s it!

Now you just have to wait at least three weeks, for the lemons to bathe in salt and enjoy each other’s company.
Then you can use them to stuff a roasted chicken
or in a crudité salad,
or with slow cooked lamb or chicken, like tagine.

IMG_3290 (1)

So see, when life gives you lemon, just put them in a jar!

A bientôt les amis


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